Choral Singers Wanted For Online Choir

Choral singers wanted for new concept in online expression of Christian devotion through music and prayer. Record your voice singing one or more parts of a motet entitled “Ave Maria,” or add your voice to a recording of Gregorian chant, or in simple spoken prayer. Be a part of a growing online choir.

What Is An Online Choir?

A choir simply means a group of people singing together. Each person has a voice. Choirs can feature a large or small number of voices. Voices are arranged according to range – that is how high or low that singer is singing. A typical configuration of voices in a choir would be Soprano (high voice, female) – Alto (low voice, female) – Tenor (high voice, male) – and Bass (low voice, male).

An online choir is a collection of privately recorded voice-parts that are uploaded to AdorationSong (this website).

What We Are Looking For In A Choral Vocalist

We are looking for choral singers who love madrigals, motets, chants and other styles of religious music, and who want to use their voices in these styles as a devotion.

Madrigal Singer

What is a devotion?

A devotion is a religious act or exercise other than the regular practice of religion in church. By devotion we express our adoration of God in a personal way.

What is AdorationSong?

AdorationSong is the website that allows you to express your devotion by recording your voice and having it added to the voices of others.

Where is the music for the motet “Ave Maria” and various chants?

The music for the motet “Ave Maria” and various chants is found on this web-site. Recordings of these works may be played for hearing and printable versions allow reading the scores. “Ave Maria” also has a video version with a conductor for you to follow as you record.

How do I record my voice?

Obtain headphones that allow you to hear the performances. These may either be equipped with a microphone or not. Locate recording software on your computer. As you watch and listen to the conducting video for “Ave Maria” through the headphones record your voice-part into the microphone attached to the headphones or using the one built in to your computer. Begin by starting the software allowing you to record, start the conducting video and follow the conductor. If you record a prayer or chant that is not the “Ave Maria,” you must follow the recorded cues only as there is no conducted version of these works.

Recordings must be made in quiet surroundings with no extraneous background noises or interruptions.

What do I do with the recording of my voice or voices?

The recording that satisfies you must be sent to me through AdorationSong. I will review and add suitable recordings to the growing choirs.

Upload your files at this link.

I don’t sing. What prayers are there?

You may pray the Lord’s prayer, the Rosary, and other devotional prayers. Silent videos of scenes designed to encourage your devotion may be selected and played. Each video is about 20-25 minutes long.

I am not Catholic but I want to express my devotion. What other works may I follow?

Send me your ideas for other works and I will gradually add recorded versions to the web-site for you and others to follow. If you have a recording you would like me to consider as a template for others to use contact me through this web-site, AdorationSong.

I have written music that I would like to have performed through this venue. What should I do?

Contact me through this web-site, AdorationSong.