The AdorationSong Concept

AdorationSong Concept

AdorationSong is a grand Concept in two parts.

Concept, part 1: online stimulus to faith and piety.

The original AdorationSong concept was to create a website that in a new way allowed people to take part together yet separately – isn’t the Internet so often about separation?- in worship. Worship unifies us. Music and prayers provide the means; and the Internet, the venue and whatever degree of anonymity is desired. Worship that is separate from other people is best expressed by the words adoration, or personal devotion, and should ideally lead each to worship with others in a real (as opposed to virtual) environment. Read: church; or at the least, prayer-group, family, faith community and perhaps other terms. However it was never the primary goal of AdorationSong to lure people back to structured religion; rather, it was to give those missing it a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves in a way that encouraged spiritual awakening and renewed contact with God.

Concept, part 2: music publishing.

Publishing in general seems to be hampered by the necessity of limiting access in order to make money. Publishers seek to make themselves the gateway by which consumers obtain content. Books and periodicals naturally present barriers to access in the difficulty of making them. You and I will pay to possess both the knowledge and the book, so to speak.

Along comes the Internet – and suddenly access is wide open. Anyone can be anyone else. Products have a million individual competitors. Piracy abounds. Publishing has to be reinvented. The gateway concept means that there isn’t quick enough feed-back between the producers (in this case of music) and the consumers. Can you see the dawning thought? Make the consumers also the producers.

Conclusion: combine the concepts.

Maybe you never thought you had the time. Maybe you thought you didn’t know the right people. Maybe you never thought you could sing. Maybe you never liked church. Maybe you never learned to read music. Maybe you gave up believing that God exists, or that anything remotely connected to religion was anything more than voodoo.

But maybe also you know that something is missing. You can buy things, you can talk to your friends, you can be part of a company that makes important things, or sells important services. You can be anywhere that you have to be for someone else. You can follow people on various social media. But at the end of the day, something is missing.

Reach out to that something. Do it here.